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Why Fix Your Sunken Concrete with Mudjacking?

Mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling, is a process that is performed to mend uneven concrete surfaces. It involves flattening the ground beneath the sunken concrete to improve its inadequacies. Many contractors choose this procedure when concrete settling and sinking occur on walkways and other areas.

Have you noticed signs of unstable concrete on your property? Sunken concrete in your sidewalks or driveway. Mudjacking can help to stabilize these weak or uneven surfaces to get the concrete level and back to normal. Here are some of the common reasons that mudjacking may be required.


Wet or Dehydrated Soil 

Concrete settling occurs when the foundation below the concrete shifts because it can no longer support the weight of the concrete. This typically occurs when the soil expands due to moisture. It can also happen when the soil is dehydrated. Both of these situations can lead to concrete sinking. When this happens, cavities below the slabs cause it to crack or shift. 

Mudjacking, in this circumstance, fills these voids. Holes are drilled into the concrete to access the cavities in the soil, and then the holes are filled by concrete repair contractors with a compound such as a limestone aggregate. They use this material to level the foundation and eliminate faults in the pavement.  


Washing Away of Soil 

It’s no secret that Kansas City gets its share of serious weather. Significant rainfall, and plumbing leaks, can cause the soil to wash away. When this happens, the ground beneath the concrete shifts, leading to sunken concrete. This lack of support relocates the pavement, causing it to move out of place. The result is a tripping hazard due to unleveled slabs. 

An option to consider is completely lifting the slab, smoothing the surface, and re-adding the soil. However, this can be quite costly. Mudjacking offers a very affordable and practical solution. 

Instead of lifting and replacing the slabs, it enables you to fill the voids beneath while maintaining the integrity of the existing concrete. In many instances, it is not the concrete that is the issue but rather the foundation. 


Soil That Was Improperly Compacted 

To achieve the ideal surface for patios, pathways, or driveways, its foundation must be smooth. The soil must be evenly distributed. Only then, will concrete slabs settle accurately. Poorly compacted soil that is not at its correct grade level will lead to breaks. Over time, the loose soil will form voids in the earth, causing slabs of concrete to crack and shift. 

Concrete repair in Kansas City, particularly mudjacking, can correct the holes caused by loose soil. Adding a suitable compound, like Polypier® from Earth Contact Products, to these voids will help to fill the dirt by re-establishing strength in the foundation. With concrete leveling, the appearance of your pathway can be restored. 


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