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Successful Foundation Repair in Leavenworth, Kansas

It's always a pleasure to do what we do best, Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing, for our neighbors in the Greater Kansas City Area. Our clients experience peace of mind knowing their foundation repair was done right and their major investment, their home, is as strong as it can be. 

But don't just take it from us. Listen in to our satisfied customers, Todd and Diane from Leavenworth, Kansas.







Todd: KC Waterproofing came in here to fix some support walls that we've got that started to turn inward and had a lean and some cracks. This was also leading to some possible water damage we had in the house.


The experience we had with KC Waterproofing was very positive from the initial call all the way through to the final follow up and everything in between. The front office folks, the workers and everybody was so available. They returned phone calls. They answered questions. They went into all kind of detail we needed, and it was just overall a really positive experience. We would definitely use them again.


KC Waterproofing was Very Professional with our Foundation Repair


Diane: I like the fact that they were very professional, always notifying us when they were coming out. They showed pictures of the tech that was coming. So being home alone, that was really important for me to know that who was coming over to our Leavenworth, Kansas home was legit. And just their follow through with what they said they were going to provide, which we've had other problems with other contractors doing different things to our home, not following through and taking forever. And this was a wonderful experience. Truly fixed the problem. I don't think we'll ever have the walls caving in on us. So we're very, very, very happy with everything about KC Waterproofing.


Todd: The foundation repair job took really three days, and part of that was that severe weather that came through the greater Kansas City metro area, which the team work through part of that day and the severe ice storm we had. But they finished up, cleaned up the yard and just really took good care of the house.


Diane: Those walls aren't going to cave in, and the drainage that we're going to have, no issues with the rain. Last year where we had a ton of rain and we never had any water in the basement and then we did. And I think this is really going to solve all our basement waterproofing issues.


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To learn more about your home's foundation and repair methods that may be right for you, visit or Ultimate Guide to Your Kansas City's Home Strong Foundation. 

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