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Flooded basement? Check Your Foundation!

In the past month, the Kansas City area has seen a lot of rain and water. Whether it was from normal rain or coming up from hurricanes a little farther south, we’ve been hit hard. That means we’re getting a lot more calls about basement waterproofing and flooded basements. Many people first check their gutters, and if they don’t find them clogged they wonder how they have a flooded basement. Let’s find out a few reasons you may be experiencing waterproofing issues.

Cracks in Your Foundation

One of the big and sometimes unexpected ways that water can seep into the home is through foundation cracks. Foundation cracks provide ample room for the water to come through and wreak havoc in your basement. Whether it’s just a moisture problem that dominoes into mold issues or it’s a full-blown flooded basement, we’ve got you covered. Many people don’t know that when you have foundation issues, you may also have waterproofing issues.

This is why you should never repair a basement crack or apply a waterproofing solution without finding the source of the problem. Sealing a crack or adding encapsulation does nothing without finding out what’s causing the issue and resolving that as well.

Draining and Grading Issues in Your Yard

Another big reason that you might see water in your basement could be due to drainage and grading issues in your yard. If the grade of your soil tilts towards your home, you are inviting water to seep down into your foundation. Similarly, when you consistently see big puddles in your yard that don’t go away for a day or two after rain, you have a drainage problem.

KC Waterproofing can help with both of these issues and get your home back on track to being moisture free. We provide interior and exterior drainage to make sure that you are protected and don’t end up with a flooded basement.

Soil Movement and Settlement

Foundation settlement issues caused by soil movement are another reason you may see water in your basement. When soil changes from dry to wet or wet to dry, there is shrinkage and expansion. If your foundation is not properly stabilized, this can affect it. The foundation or main floor walls could crack, the slab could crack, or any number of things could happen. This includes your home foundation failing due to soil movement and settlement.


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KC Waterproofing is Your Flooded Basement Expert

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