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Dehumidification 101 for Kansas City, Missouri & Olathe, KS

Dehumidifying your basement is one way to keep the area moisture-free. However, successfully completing this task is not that simple. Without proper dehumidification techniques, your basement’s entire environment could suffer. At KC Waterproofing, we want your basement and the rest of your home to provide you with the healthiest and most comfortable atmosphere possible. This is why we are offering you several tips and tricks to boost your home’s basement waterproofing capabilities.

Check If Your Ventilation System is Still Functioning Properly

Keeping your ventilation system in perfect working condition is a must when you want your basement’s environment to remain moisture-free. If your ventilation system receives any type of damage, it’s possible that cold air and water can leak through the vents or trap humid air in the basement.

This will increase the chances of your basement ending up damp, which attracts:

  • Mold
  • Wood Rotting
  • Insect and Vermin Infestation
  • Smelly odors

To ensure that your ventilation system is performing at its best potential, you need to contact the experts for help. Hiring the professionals at KC Waterproofing will help you locate and solve the problem faster and more efficiently. The pros also know the proper procedure when it comes to inspecting and maintaining your system. All you need to do is have your ventilation system routinely checked.

Seal All Leaks

It’s easy to seal air and water leaks, so long as the holes are still manageable to work with. If you’re dealing with larger holes, you can use canned polyurethane foam, which you can find in many hardware stores. You can also use the polyurethane foam on plumbing pipes or any vent that passes through. If you want to work with a neater material, acrylic latex caulk is a good alternative. Acrylic latex caulk washes easily with water.

When Things Get Tough, Call the Experts at KC Waterproofing

The experts at KC Waterproofing are just a phone call away. When the task requires a keen eye and an experienced hand, contact us immediately and we'll come out for a free consultation.

Looking for a professional dehumidification service in Kansas City, MO, and Overland & Olathe, KS? Contact KC Waterproofing today for a free consultation and estimate. We can also enhance your basement’s structure by improving your foundation with foundation repairs and waterproofing system installations.

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