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Best Repair Methods for Sunken Concrete

Once you’ve noticed sunken concrete on your property, whether it’s on your pavement or driveway, it’s likely all that you can notice. And you worry that it’s a safety concern for you and your neighbors. This, of course, makes you want to find the best repair methods for sunken concrete repair fast!

After years of leveling and mudjacking concrete, we have some tried and true methods to help you learn more about concrete leveling for your Kansas City home. Here’s everything you need to know about mudjacking for concrete repair.

Mudjacking: What Is It And How Does It Work?

When water erosion, shifts in soil stability and even tree roots affect your concrete, you will experience cracking and lifting of concrete slabs. This not only looks unappealing for your property, but it can be a safety hazard for you and your family. Not to mention, shifts in concrete on your property affect its value and curb appeal. 

One of the most cost-effective solutions for lifted concrete is mudjacking. It’s much more economical than replacing an entire slab. Mudjacking, also referred to as slab jacking, concrete lifting, and concrete leveling, repairs your concrete leveling issues by adding a mixture underneath the concrete slab. 

Polyurethane versus Soil, Sand and Cement

At KC Waterproofing, we use a product called Polypier® from Earth Contact Products – another Kansas City company. It’s a state of the art polyurethane product. The Polypier is an expanding foam that will permanently fix your concrete problem and weighs less than the original mud or new concrete so it won’t compound the sinking problem.

This mixture used in mudjacking promotes stability underneath the slab of concrete or into the concrete through drilled holes. Mudjacking either fills voids in the foundation under concrete or within the concrete itself, or raises the interior portion of the foundation.

While some homeowners pursue this project themselves, we always recommend hiring a professional concrete repair contractor in Kansas City.

Benefits of Mudjacking versus Replacing a Concrete Slab

Rather than replacing concrete altogether, which can be expensive and, quite frankly unnecessary, mudjacking allows you to efficiently repair concrete, saving you time and money. Other benefits of mudjacking include:

  • Ability to repair your concrete year-round.
  • Quick ‘curing’ time, allowing you to use your space much faster than entirely new concrete
  • Cost-effective in comparison to replacing concrete altogether
  • Less wasted materials that come with replacing concrete
  • Consistency in appearance. Mudjacking makes little to no impact on surrounding grass and vegetation, and repairing existing concrete ensures that your concrete all looks consistent
  • The entire process takes less than half the time of replacing concrete completely - in fact, it can be done in a matter of hours and is usually complete within a day

Your home is your biggest investment and, when it comes time to repair and maintain it, professional concrete contractors produce the best, most efficient results.

Professional Concrete Repair Advice in Kansas City

For Kansas City concrete repair for your home, it’s best to seek the advice and assistance of a professional. Our team of experienced professionals will be able to assess your concrete repair needs and determine if mudjacking is the best solution for you and your home. 

Get started on your home concrete repair in Kansas City today! Contact us for a detailed free consultation and quote here.

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